Shopping "small" is a good thing. It means you are supporting a small, local business. Jackson Pop-Up Shops exists to celebrate small batch, quality, handmade items and the artists that create them. Many items featured are made right here in West Tennessee or throughout the state of Tennessee.

Each shop is curated, meaning that artists apply or are invited to participate in the seasonal shops. What makes it a "pop-up" shop? They are short term-- often just a weekend and they pop-up in all different cool little places throughout downtown Jackson, TN. 

Keely Beasley and Lisa Garner started Jackson Pop-Up Shops in the Spring of 2014 out of a desire for an outlet to showcase their own handmade items. They determined a short term shop, or pop-up shop, was the best method and they invited other artisans to participate in their celebration of quality handmade items. 



Lisa curates, coordinates, promotes and manages Jackson Pop-Up Shops. She resides in mid-town Jackson, TN and is the designer/maker/owner of Garner Blue, Executive Director at theCO and wife to Joe --and a bunch more, but we'll just mention those for now :).